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Behind the scenes with Equal Omaha

July 3, 2012

This year Heartland Clergy for Inclusion participated in a coalition of organizations and individuals called Equal Omaha which led the effort to pass an employment non-discrimination ordinance in Omaha, Nebraska.  Local paper The Reader wrote a behind-the-scenes account with a great discussion of Heartland Clergy for Inclusion.  An excerpt:

In early 2011, Gordon said Gray was willing to try again to get the ordinance passed. Gordon said the biggest takeaway from 2010 was that better organization was needed. Gordon credited religious organizations like the Heartland Clergy for Inclusion as well as individual religious leaders like Eric Elnes of Countryside Community Church and Jane Florence of First United Methodist Church for trying early on to engage larger churches to support an equal protection ordinance.

“They were on the front lines all along,” Gordon said. “For 15 years, there’s been a lot of people behind the scenes changing the hearts and minds of the city of Omaha and the state of Nebraska.”


Written by Scott Jones

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