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Why Omaha Needs to Pass the Equality Ordinance

Someone asked if I would post my address at the Equal Omaha Press Conference yesterday regarding why Omaha needs to pass Councilman Ben Gray’s proposed amendment to the non-discrimination ordinance to protect LGBT persons.  Here it is: I am the Senior Minister of Countryside Community Church, a congregation of the United Church of Christ on […]

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Nebraska State Legislation to counter non-discrimination effort in Omaha

Yesterday a new bill was introduced in the Nebraska unicameral that would bar municipalities from creating their own non-discrimination ordinances.  Read the bill here.  It has been assigned to this committee. Heartland Clergy and supporters in Nebraska need to contact their senators and members of this committee to express their opposition to it.

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Oklahoma Lawmaker Moves to Ban Gay and Lesbian Service Members from State National Guard

Heartland Clergy and supporters in Oklahoma need to be aware of this new legislation and contact their lawmakers about it.  Read about the legislation here.

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